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“As we held out friend’s hand, we gave the most sincere declaration of trust."

31 x 6 x 26 cm
Childhood Scenes

Interesting facts:
One of the things children like so much about this game is that it alters their normal state: they become dizzy and fall. It is also interesting that it requires a partner, who shares the sensations; without someone to share them with, they aren?t nearly as much fun. It is somewhat dangerous and very popular throughout Brazil. The game calls for the child to practice gross movements and side to side motion in a playful way.

Two children stand in front of one another with their arms stretched forward and holding hands. Maintaining this connection, the pair spins, leaning backward, tensing their muscles and accelerating until they feel dizzy and let go, often falling to the ground. 

Number of players: 2
Age group: 5 and up
Space requirements: medium, preferably on grass or sand to avoid injury



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© 2017 by Sandra Guinle. Design and photography Ines Lampreia

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