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São Paulo native that lived in Rio de Janeiro from 1998 to 2010, Sandra Guinle began to study Art in 1997 at the Arquitec School in Campinas, where she attended classes in drawing, painting, pottery and art history. A self-taught sculptor, she also took drawing and painting courses at the Visual Arts School, Parque Lage (1998 - 2001). Sandra Guinle taught lessons in the workshop “Making Art” at the University of São Paulo, these same workshops were also given in some poor communities of Rio de Janeiro.

Seeking to deepen her admiration and respect for people with special needs, Sandra allows her to touch her works and information in Braille, they are present in the space where her exhibitions take place.

 The artist donated the bronze sculpture "The girl of the enchanted balloons", symbol of the social project "Children in Peace", the work was placed in Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz in Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, measuring 1.90 in height and weighing 120 kg.

In 2007 the artist inaugurates The Museon; Museum of the American School of Rio de Janeiro with the exhibition "Origin, Testimony, Reflection" where together with the students proposes a reflection on the focus of each of us as an individual and the capacity of art as a significant transforming vehicle.

Another large sculpture is "Carrapicho", a mother turned her daughter, donated in 2002 and can be seen in front of the Solar da Imperatriz, in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro. In 2005, his series "Cenas Infantis" was held at the Ibirapuera Museum of Contemporary Art, with a record audience of more than 45,000 people."Children's Scenes" was part of an IBM global social project called "Reinventing Education."

Sandra Guinle is among the three most influential women in the field of arts in Brazil, award given in 2007 by Gazeta Mercantil, Jornal do Brasil and Forbes Magazine. She was also one of the cultural ambassadors of the city of Rio de Janeiro, a title granted by the Univer Cidade's tourism faculty, due to the social services provided to poor communities.

The sculptures exhibited with great prominence in prime time in the novel Pages of Life of Manoel Carlos in Rede Globo in 2006 by the hands of the actress Sônia Braga, are all from Sandra Guinle. Currently, Sandra Guinle resides in São Paulo where her new atelier is located, and dedicates herself to workshops and speeches in FEUSP and other educational institutions.

In 2015, forty-two bronze sculptures, all of them interactive, seven of them large, two medium-sized and thirty-three small, together with twelve tactile panels for low-vision wearers, were donated by the artist, to the Museum Of Education and Toy of the University of São Paulo and are located on the second floor of the Library of Education, in a large and bright space dedicated to the research of special collections and rare works, in a beautiful exhibition open to the public. The works will remain in the Library until the Museum of Education building is built. Such rich donation turns the beginning of Sandra's dream possible; to establish, through art, connections with no discrimination, connections with life.


Exhibitions and displays:

•  Bodies 

Arquitec, Campinas. 1997 



•  Vases and Flowers 

Barrearte, Rio de Janeiro, 2000

Paintings and sculptures


•  Roads 

Barrearte, Rio de Janeiro, 2001



•  Roses and Fields 

Hotel Portogalo, Angra dos Reis, 2001

Paintings and sculptures


•  Sweet Childhood 

MasterCasa, Petrópolis, 2002

Paintings and sculptures


•  Colors of Spring 

Solar da Imperatriz, 

Rio de Janeiro, 2002

Watercolors and paintings


•  Childhood 

Atelier Pedra da Gávea, 

Rio de Janeiro, 2003



•  Childhood Scenes 

Cultural Center Correios, Rio de Janeiro, 2003.

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  Small Ballerinas 

Casa de Cultura da Universidade Estácio de Sá, Barra, Rio de Janeiro, 2003



•  Small Ballerinas 

Casa Cor, Brasília, 2003 

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  Fun and Games in Childhood Scenes 

Jardim Botânico, 

Rio de Janeiro, 2004. 

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  Childhood Scenes 

MAC USP Ibirapuera - Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo - Ibirapuera

São Paulo, 2005. 

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  Childhood Memories in Childhood Scenes 

Memorial of the education of Sao Paulo, 2005

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  My life´s ensemble 

Shopping Rio Design Barra, 

Rio de Janeiro, 2006. 

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  Origin Testimony Reflection

MuseOn – American School of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, 2007

Sculptures and charcoal drawings


•  Bronze Poetry

Cutural Space Jardineto,

Rio de Janeiro, 2008



•  Doors and windows of a lifetime

Tower Gallery by Sandra Guinle and Ana Barros

Petrópolis, 2009

Sculptures and Handmade clothing


•  Childhood Scenes and childhood toys's Scenes

College of Education of the University of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, 2012

Sculptures, tactile panels, mixed technical drawings

Exhibition of Children's Scenes and Children's Toys


•  Memories of a childhood

São Paulo, 2015

University of São Paulo - USP - Faculty of Education Library, 2.Floor,

Sculptures, tactile panels, mixed technical drawings,

video creation process of the artist


•  An Encounter with Sandra Guinle - Memories of a childhood Scenes

São Paulo, 2016 - 2017

University of São Paulo - USP - School of Education Library 2. Floor,

Launch of the artist's book: "An Encounter with Sandra Guinle",

Sculptures, tactile panels, mixed technical drawings

Exhibition of the collection Childhood Scenes


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