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Project - Chilhood Scenes

The pieces presented in Cenas Infantis provoke interactivity and the search of “emotional touch”. For contemporary art, it propounds spaces linked to playful motivations and to the need of highlighting links with quotidian, but not forgetting that Art is also celebration of Life. There are 50 sculptures placed on rounding acrylic supports – the works can be touched and moved by the visitant. Nine pieces have around 13,12 feet of height and the small ones are exposed in “open windows” to new horizons. Developments of the exhibition are offered by the team of Sandra Guinle, through texts, videos and workshops. The works of Art are identified in Braile and guided visits are available too.

Elza Ajzenberg

Project: Little Ballerinas

Art has always been present in Sandra's daily life, in small things, in the most unexpected details.

From this encounter with herself and her true spontaneous expression of creating art, with her hands, through her generously artistic heart, comes the series "Little Dancers", sculptures that show the movement, dancing dancers in the lightness of the frenetic conception of the hands of Sculptress and in the touch of the curious visitors who were ecstatic with the simple permission to touch.

Composed of 17 charcoal drawings and 19 sculptures of various dimensions, all on rotating bases.

The exhibition only reinforces the delicacy by the vigorously simple and playful proposal of the artist's works and the will to exhibit, to share, to interact in exhibitions full of colors, shapes, movements, volumes, details, finally life .


Eduardo Veríssimo

Project - Maternity

It was a pleasure to create the works for "Maternity", many remind me of magical moments spent next to an extraordinary

mother who dribbling the difficulties of a very modest life always had in her face the smile that comforted my soul. Corn earrings, ox carriage rides, and baths in streams where women gathered to wash clothes in unforgettable chants; Adorned my simple childhood in a picturesque and singular way.

After such a happy childhood, the desire to embrace a child arose in me, and what was not my surprise to notice the great  difference between a real little girl and the doll that was carried everywhere in my arms. Being a mother has taken a lot of patience and educating a child nowadays has been a real challenge.

In the midst of such longing I developed twenty-five miniature bronze sculptures that gently address the enlightened relationship between mother and child. In the hardness of bronze, the force of this indispensable figure, the mother. In the subtlety of movement and life found in each work, the certainty that "Maternity" sinks deep in the heart of each one of us and the purest intention of continuing to share my emotion with everyone who has accompanied my career as a sculptor and artist Plastic.

Sandra Guinle

Project - Texts

The playful sculptures of Sandra Guinle donated to the Feusp Museum of Education and Toy are on the second floor of the library, in a large and bright space dedicated to the research of special collections, rare works, between tables with computers, warm and colorful sofas and the verdant landscape of the tipuanas, which can be seen through the windows, which display the exuberant golden color of the yellow flowers in the leafy canopies during the spring. In this environment stands out "the girl with balloons", which expresses the magic of the child who holds the balloons, who delights admiring the balloons that revolve around them; The dancer, who in delicate gestures shows her ability in dance; The pranks of the twirling, which generate the sensation of vertigo, of ilinx of Caillois; The jumping rope, joking so to the taste of children of all time and of several others that can be enjoyed. It is an invitation to imagination, reflection, production and expression of culture. From what culture do we speak? Of the books? Of art? Of the imagination built by each in consonance with diverse times and spaces?

In the libraries of medieval times described by Umberto Eco in "The Name of the Rose," roses were rare works, inaccessible to poisoned onlookers when they sought them out. Today another concept of open reading, research and exhibition space prevails, extending the concept of culture beyond the bibliographic collection, which extends the allegory to the rose for other cultural goods. Many libraries have a toy library and offer books, art and storymaking workshops, exhibits, lending toys and play spaces, and broaden the concept of culture in the library.

Thus, Sandra Guinle's playful sculptures in the library make up other brass sculpted roses that surpass the rigidity of the metal in the gestures, the lively expression of the characters that play, bringing the lightness of the games that bring readers, artists and players together.

Tizuko Morchida Kishimoto

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