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I was born in Monte Mór, in the interior of the State of São Paulo. When I was a little girl I learned to live off the land and respect the time dictated by each of the four seasons. 
 I used to play on the river banks and run about in the rain, at a time when the mission of every child was simply to be happy.  

I miss what I had as a child – something my daughter will never know, and something that I express in each and every one of my works. This for sure is something that I inherited from my mother, who created dreams to endure the hardships of a humble existence, always wearing a smile that brought comfort to my soul.  
Countless times I saw my mother showing her incredible skill as a craftswoman holding four needles made of bamboo and a couple of balls of thread; from her hands would flourish a pattern that in no time at all became a lovely billowy dress to embellish my young figure.  
I find it so odd when they label my art with fancy names, for I am simple, as my sorely missed friend Sérgio Bernardes used to say: “You are simple with a capital “S”, and that´s so rare”.  
In a country where many call themselves “great” and people always seem to be looking for an idol, I still understand and am quite convinced that only God is great and that as long as I am small, I will always fit inside the wings of my sponsor and Creator. 

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