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Enchanted Balloons

“Temperance, equilibrium, no mention of consumerism. Our focus and strength always came from above."

69 x 25 x 25 cm

Childhood Scenes



Number of players: unspecified
Age group: all
Materials: latex balloons and helium (optional)
Space requirements: wide, open outdoor space
Duration: unspecified

Interesting facts:
Not only are they extremely beautiful and decorative, balloons fascinate children because they defy the law of gravity: instinctively children are awed by this breaking of the law that governs all other objects in their world. The balloons float on the air and may at any moment escape and take flight. At the same time, a child who receives a balloon takes the object as a continuation of his own body. Balloons represent the surpassing of our physical limits and poetically take our most secret messages and desires to the heavens. 

There are no fixed rules for using helium balloons. They are playful elements widely used for decoration at children?s birthday parties and other celebrations, as well as at public gatherings and commemorations. 

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© 2017 by Sandra Guinle. Design and photography Ines Lampreia

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