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Number of players: 5 to 20
Age group: all
Materials: depends on the type; for example, a basket of flowers for ?Pretty Young Rose?
Space requirements: medium
Duration: 30 minutes




14 x 18 x 18 cm

Childhood Scenes

“Very different to today’s ripped and faded jeans, girls used to be proud of their swirling skirts, their braids swinging in long-lost round-dances.”

Interesting facts:
It is virtually impossible to determine where singing games first began, as they have been a part of almost every culture?s children?s folklore. In Brazil, such games and forms of play have been shaped by European, African and Indigenous cultures, and have evolved considerably over the centuries. The Cirandinha is also known as a round.
Children form a ring holding hands and sing as they circle around. The accompanying steps may include jumps, turns, greetings and bows. Characteristic of children?s folklore, traditional songs often undergo regional transformations as lyrics are changed or extended. 

Ring or circle games may be enjoyed in many different ways. Their themes may be social, educational, romantic or concerning nature. There is a wide array of rhythms, songs, movements and formations. Below are some of the most common formations:
a) Basic circle: ?I Threw a Stick at the Cat.?
b) Circle with one figure in the center: ?Ciranda.?
c) Circle with two or more figures in the center: ?The Carnation Fought with the Rose.?
d) Circle with a figure outside the group: ?Rosebush.?
e) Circle with a figure in and another outside the group: ?Pretty Young Rose.?
f) Sitting in a circle: ?Job?s Slaves.?
g) Concentric circles: ?Margarida.? 

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