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Number of players: individual or group
Age group: all
Materials: a cup, a straw, soap and wire
Space requirements: medium, preferably outdoors
Duration: unspecified

Bolinhas de sabão

35 x 28 x 20 cm
Childhood Scenes

“Soap bubbles drifted away with the dreams of Pedro and Maria.”

Interesting facts: 
The origin of this fun and poetic game is difficult to trace. Nevertheless, in nearly every corner of Brazil children may be found enthralled by the soap bubbles as they vanish in the air.

To a cup or other container, add water and soap, then shake it to produce bubbly foam. If a straw is available (paper, bamboo, papaya and pumpkin work wonderfully), blowing into the liquid with the straw helps produce more foam. Many bubble shapes can be produced by arranging wire and string frames and dipping them into a large bowl of the soapy liquid. This form of play offers an infinity of creative possibilities. 

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